Taylor Swift Hair

Taylor Swift is top of the hairstyle stakes at the moment- whether full curls or sleek layers, an updo or a braided headband- she knows how to mix it up and keep her hair looking gorgeous. Our easy to use clip in ponytail extensions, clip in fringes & buns can help you out with creating Taylor's gorgeous style..


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Bailey 3/4 Wig by Hothair Illuminate Wig by Natural Image Wonder Wig by Natural Image
Now: £65.00
Now: £89.00
Now: £179.00
21" Human Hair Extension by Hothair 22" Straight Extensions: Hairdo by Ken Paves 23" Wavy Extensions by Hairdo
Now: £299.00
Now: £65.00
Now: £65.00
23" Wrap Around Pony by Hairdo Clip in Updo: Hairdo by Ken Paves Fringe with Wisps by Hairdo
Now: £55.00
Now: £34.00
Now: £30.00
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