Victoria Beckham Hair

Victoria Beckham is one of the world’s most fashionable women and with good reason!The famous pob haircut, her gorgeous glossy chestnut hair, her chic ponytails, we have serious hair envy. You can re-create her fabulous hair by using one of our clip in ponytails, or an easy to use 1 piece hair extension.

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22" Straight Extensions: Hairdo by Ken Paves 23" Wrap Around Pony by Hairdo 5 Piece 19” Human Hair Clip In Extensions by Hot Hair
Now: £65.00
Now: £55.00
Now: £89.00
Dream Wig by Natural Image Elegant Clip In Ponytail by Hothair Long Perfect Pony by Hothair
Now: £195.00
Now: £25.00
Now: £24.00
Mermaid Pony by Hothair Perfect Pony by Hothair Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo
Now: £25.00
Now: £19.00
Now: £49.00
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